Using Blackjack Insurance

One of the trickiest things to learn in gambling is when to use insurance in blackjack. Blackjack is fun to play at website with generous bonuses. Blackjack insurance can help cover a player's hand when it is almost certain that a dealer is holding 21; this may occur when the dealer is showing an Ace. Knowing when to use insurance, though, is a bit more complicated. Try playing blackjack to better your odds, blackjack variant video blackjack game is a must try.

What Insurance Does

Insurance helps make sure a player will not lose large amounts of money when it is obvious that a dealer is about to hit blackjack. This tool is only available in American blackjack when the dealer's first card is dealt face up and shows that the dealer has an Ace. A ten or face card will result in an automatic win for the house and loss for the player, so it's only fair that the player can protect him or herself on such an occasion. He or she will add half the original wager on blackjack insurance, and if the dealer has a blackjack, the player gets back his or her money at 2-to-1 odds. Try also the online roulette game for money and for fun.

When It Should Be Used

Clearly insurance can theoretically be a great help when it seems obvious that the hand is going to end badly. Some will say it is best to never use insurance, because the chances of knowing when the dealer has blackjack are very low. However, it can help; the key is knowing when to use it. In a live casino, players can sometimes count cards and can reliably predict when the cards are favorable. There is a 30.6% chance that insurance can pay off, and those odds increase if the player already shows tens or face cards. Players should practice to learn when it is best to use blackjack insurance and what to do when hit the jackpot.

Players interested in learning and practicing when to use insurance in blackjack should check out casinos that offer the game. There they can take their time and test out when they feel most comfortable using this valuable tool. The game of video poker is also a must try.